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Don’t be the best kept secret…

If you sell a product, or service you can be assured of one absolute fact…”if people don’t know you exist they cannot do business with you”.  Period. Certainly having a comprehensive marketing plan and a flow of effective marketing initiatives is essential … Continue reading

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What’s the Plan?

One of the first questions I ask a client when we are discussing improving any aspect of their business is: what’s the plan?  Whether they are looking to attract more customers, increase sales revenues, improve employee performance, enhance customer service … Continue reading

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A Customer Service Super Star…

Every year for the past several years my family and I vacation in Cancun, Mexico. We always stay at the Westin Laguna Mar. This post is about the Markeing and Conseirge Manager…her name is in Sarah and she sets a standard for guest … Continue reading

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Complaints are gifts in disguise…

Sometimes, I get the strangest looks when I tell a client that they should appreciate whenever a customer complains.  Certainly, no one really likes anyone to complain, however; your business model, your equipment and the people who run them are … Continue reading

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Improvment is a process, not an event…

Many people attend seminars, read books and even purchase DVD’s on various aspects of business and personal improvement.  However, regardless of how dynamic the speaker is, or how enlightening the information is…improvement does not occur without the application of action … Continue reading

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A “Ritz” Experience… Customer service heroes still do exist!

I would like to share a story about one of my customer service heroes. I have many, but this particular hero is a very special group of people who are constantly striving to achieve excellence in service.  The experience I … Continue reading

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You don’t know what you don’t know…

Two main challenges that stands in the way of any improvement, are first; recognizing there is room for improvement and secondly; admitting that you may not know how to make the improvement happen.  Many people sense that some aspect of their business could be better…but … Continue reading

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