When business is good…standards fall

A very interesting dynamic occurs when business is good…standards of performance actually fall and many managers back away from managing performance. They just let people do what they do and try to keep up with penciling deals and managing inventory. After all…sales and profits are good. However, when business is not good, then everyone starts to look at ways to improve standards because at that point every deal matters. However then it is too late. Traffic has fallen off and the challenge turns to getting customers into the dealership.

What are your standards for optimizing each and every customer opportunity? How do you ideally want a customer greeted? What are your steps to the sale? How do you want customers to see your dealership and the people who represent your dealership? What is the experience you envision every customer to have when they walk through the front door of your dealership? Are your standards being upheld and even exceeded? Or are you allowing people to do what they do, because you are too busy to change it? A tough question and one I hope does not offend anyone reading this.

I hear It often: “we are too busy to engage training and improvement…everything is good. We do training when we are not so busy”. The fact your showroom is busy more than likely has very little to do with how well your sales staff is doing, because more than likely the customers are coming in because of an advertising campaign you are running, or your BDC is doing a great job of getting customers to come in, or your manufacturer is running a great incentive.

Shouldn’t your sales staff be the most dialed in when business is good? More customers simply means more opportunities to succeed, or fail at selling a vehicle and developing a successful and long-term relationship with a client.

Right now with traffic good, interest rates good, incentives good and buyers buying…make sure you have the right people, doing the right things and consistently presenting themselves, your products and your dealership in the absolute best light. It will make a difference in sales revenues today and in the future.

Expecting your sales and service staff to perform at their absolute best does not just happen because it is important. It takes commitment, planning, training, practice, coaching and management. And that all takes time.

If you have the resources to raise the bar on performance now when it really matters…do it now. If you are lacking resources, or time call us. We can provide you with the resources to optimize the performance of your people and work with your sales staff and sales managers to make sure every customer opportunity is optimized and every sale that can be made, is made.

Joseph Rosales
The Sales and Service Coach

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