People – Process – Performance

It goes without saying that if a business is going to maximize sales revenues they would need to focus on three key areas of business…the people, the processes and performance. I call these three areas of focus…essentials.

Having the right people with the right skills and talents is essential. And the right skills and talents are more than just experience…they are essentials such as excellent communications skills, a likeable disposition, a positive perspective and generally the kind of person who sees sales as a profession…not a job they don’t like going to.

The processes those great people are using can make or break the even the best sales person and cause them to fail (or succeed less) at attracting or selling/presenting to and retaining a customer. Whether it is steps in your sales process (road to the sale), or when and how customer follow-up is done, or something else related to your sales and client development process…process is important and the right people bring life to those processes and produce outstanding results.

The third essential is performance. Whether it is business or athletics…performance is essential to winning on the field, or in a sales situation. Good people, with good processes also have to perform at a high level to achieve high results. Execution of any process or plan is essential to success. Imagine a sports team with a bunch of nice/good/motivated people and a poor game strategy (process). They would not succeed as often. Imagine good people with good process and solid consistent performance results. A winning combination of essentials for sure.

So…look around today. Do you know, or even sense that an improvement of people, process, or performance in your business would improve sales revenues, or service in your business. If you think yes…reach out to me. I would be honored to hear from you.

About the author: Joseph Rosales is the founder and principle of the Sales and Service Group. The company works with automotive dealerships and dealer groups to increase sales revenues and optimizing service engagement. The Sales and Service Group is located in Medford, New Jersey and works with dealers throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

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