How good is your dealership…really?

Statistics show that many businesses, including many automotive dealerships are functioning at 50-60% of their potential. And while some reading this may be producing at a higher level, or may not think that is a fair number with regards to their dealership, I would ask…how good is your dealership really?

You see, it is pretty easy to measure what you did achieve. It is however; much more difficult to measure what you did not achieve…what you are missing. Are you better than you were last year? Are you better than your competition? Are you better than your projections? What criteria are you using to assess how good you really are in any area of your business?

In the wonderfully simple, but complex game of golf there is a handicapping system. You can measure yourself against other golfers playing the same course and know at the end of your round how you did relative to the course ratings and other golfers.

In the automotive business there is no handicapping system, however; there are indicators that may give you an idea about how you are doing relative to other dealerships within your own brand. You can even read reports that are published about how your competition did this month. Certainly good information.

Mystery shopping and telephone audits can be helpful, however; they are most often a bit superficial and provides one with a false sense of achievement. Service and sales awards can also be misleading as they reward you for accomplishing certain standards in your business, however; never really tell you what you were capable of achieving.

So today…ask yourself this question: Do you have a sense your dealership could be better in some area of performance? If the answer is yes, you have an opportunity to improve.

Joseph Rosales
The Sales and Service Group.
Medford New Jersey
609-760-9066 – cell

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