It’s Showtime!!!

In the world of athletic and other performance endeavors when the opening horn sounds, or the preverbal curtain goes up…It’s Showtime. Time to focus on the job at hand….helping a customer to be a customer in your dealership. Whether they are buying a vehicle, getting their vehicle serviced, or stopping in for any reason…they deserve the very best you and your employees have to offer.

During visits to dealerships I am always surprised when someone in sales, or service engages a client with seomthing less than their very best effort. Whether it is an initial meet and greet, presenting the features and benefits of a vehicle to a prospective customer, or something as simple as answering the telephone…it should always be our best effort. Engaged, friendly, enthusiastic…planned and practiced.

Some days it’s harder to do than others. A typical work day can be full of tasks, challenges and a myriad of unexpected interruptions, however; when the doors to your dealership open…it’s Showtime! Everyone and everything you can control should be prepared and focused on the most important person in the building…the customer. Whether you call your customers, clients, guest, or some other “retail friendly” tag…the customer is the only person in the building that makes a conscious choice to come to your business and exchange their time and hard-earned money for the products and services your dealership offers.

Are your processes optimized, or is it just how your people have been doing it for years? Every step of your process, from the meet and greet, to the walk around and test drive, to the steps in the negotiations, final delivery and follow-up needs to be planned, practiced and as close to perfect (optimized) as possible. This level of performance and engagement will not just happen…it happens on purpose.

Be absolutely sure that everyone who comes in contact with customers is focused on performing their very best on every customer contact (engagement). Ok, or good enough is not good enough when it comes to winning a customers business and active loyalty.

Make it Showtime! Your customers will appreciate the show, your employees will enjoy the work more and increasing numbers of customers will buy and service their vehicles from your dealership. And after all…that is the point of this business…sell and service vehicles to paying customers.

Joseph Rosales
609-760-9066 – cell

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