The what and the HOW of your 2015 goals

Every year around this time we start to get calls from clients who to realize the targets and related goals they set in place for 2015 are missing one essential element…the HOW they are going to accomplish their goals and projections.

Simply saying you want to increase sales by 15-20% in 2015 is a very specific goal and is quantified and even has a established time element.  However as essential as those 2 goal setting elements are they do nothing to help actually accomplish the goal.  The HOW you will increase sales is a main point of the focus after setting that goal.

The same holds true for increasing CSI (Customer Service Index) or for increasing the number of referrals you receive on an monthly basis (or for that matter virtually any improvement you want to make in your business) and it requires that you focus on improving the ACTIVITIES that actually lead to improving results.

For example; if you want to increase the number of referrals you receive each month  by 20% this goal setting process obviously requires that you know the current metrics and projected improvement target.  However…the HOW you are going to increase the number of referrals you receive is what is going to lead to accomplishment.

Is your current method of engaging the topic of referrals with your clients working for you?  Out of 15 sales per month, how many active referrals do you receive?  When do you ask for referrals?   How do you ask?  How do you follow-up on the telephone and with email.  What do you say on the telephone when you “fish” for referrals.  How are you tracking referrals?  How do you communicate about referrals with your clients.  How big is your referral network?  How often do you tap into your network?

HOW…HOW…HOW…are you doing this and other business development “processes” and are they working?  Are you accomplishing the goals?

Think about it.  WHAT you are going to improve in 2015 and HOW are you going to improve at?  It’s a foundational question and often not addressed.

Let me know if you would like to chat about this and other improvements in your business…it’s what I do.

Joseph Rosales – founder
The Sales and Service Group
609-760-9066 – cell

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