Performance matters…

In the world of selling and service…performance matters.  How long someone has been doing something is not what influences results.  What someone does with what they know is what causes positive results.

Take the golfer who has been playing for 20 years.  How long he has been playing is not an indication of how good he is.   He could be very experienced at doing things in an acceptable and mediocre manner.  Thus, length of experience is not an indication of performance levels.

Objectively assessing performance is the first step in any improvement initiative and should be carefully considered before taking on any new training initiatives in your business.  Training for the sake of training without addressing and managing the foundational performance issues will not attain the best results.  Even the best processes will fail to accomplish the desired results if the performance of the process is not excellent.

Said more succinctly…”knowing what to do is only part of the performance equation…one has to do what they know to do with excellence”.

Invest some time being objective about the performance of your sales and service teams in your dealership.  If they are optimized and maximized…congratulations.  If you find performance could be improved…get to work on it.  Performance matters!

Joseph Rosales – founder
The Sales and Service Group

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