Protect yourself from germs…

If you are a business professional you no doubt are meeting with
clients and business associates who may be sick and not even know it and you
are having hand to surface contact with germs.

Offices, shared cubicles, conference rooms, restaurants and networking meetings are just a few places people gather to do business and share their to
mention a few.  You can’t hide from germs, or void “germy” places but you can certainly minimize the port of entry for the germs entering your body.

Just imagine you shake hands with 10-15 people today and some of them have come in contact with a germ laden surface with their hand and then transfer it to your hand and then you rub your eye… and well there is now a high possibility germs will enter your body.

I am not a doctor, but it is well known that that the germs
that carry colds and flu enter your body through two primary areas…your nose
and your eyes.  Minimize touching those areas
with germs and one could avoid many days of illness over a life time.  Try

Shaking hands – Shake
right/Touch left – we always shake hands with our right hands and often pick up pens, phones and whatever with our right hands. 
So never touch your face with your right hand when you are in public settings.

Opening Doors –
use your sleeve end, or coat sleeve cuff to cover your hand when you twist a door knob, or if it is a long handle grab it near the bottom where fewer people
touch it. Or try using your back to push a door open.

Elevator Buttons –
use your knuckle from a finger on your right hand to press the button.  Do not use your fingertips to press the

Escalators – do
not hold the handrail with your hand. 
Steady yourself by leaning against the handrail, or placing your forearm
on the handrail.

Tables in restaurants – don’t let your hands wander to areas of a table that does not get cleaned as
well as the table top.  Think before you

Stay Sharp…Stay Healthy


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