Don’t be the best kept secret…

If you sell a product, or service you can be assured of one absolute fact…”if people don’t know you exist they cannot do business with you”.  Period.

Certainly having a comprehensive marketing plan and a flow of effective marketing initiatives is essential to any business.  However, getting people to know about you and your business does not have to be expensive and time consuming.  A no-cost approach is simply be willing to engage people where ever you are and be willing to talk about what you do in an engaging manner.

Recently, I was having a cup of coffee at my local Starbucks and working on my blog calendar when I noticed a gentleman plugging in his laptop a few tables away from me.  I had seen him a number of times over the past several months, yet he and I had never spoken. Without fully stopping what I was doing, I simply asked him what kind of work he does that would allow him to work from a Starbucks at 10:00 am on a Tuesday. 

His reply was immediate: “funny…I was wondering the same thing about you.”  After finishing plugging his laptop in he came over to chat.  Turns out his company develops content for websites and other media outreaches.  And…it just so happens I have been working on enhancing the content and design of my website and have been looking for someone to help me with my content and communications structure.  Had I not opened my mouth and reached out to him we may never have connected.  We have since had other meetings and are exploring working together on a number of projects. 

I am sure this happens to most of us every day. We stand next to someone in a line, or seated at a table and never engage them.  Who knows how many opportunities passed us by the week?  It seems impossible to gauge accurately, but I am sure it must be some number above one.  And an opportunity never connected with is just another version of a missed opportunity.

In fact as I look back at my current stable of clients and from the past many of my best clients and now dearest friends came to be because of an introduction that would have never happened had one of us not reached out to the other in a non-traditional way.

Don’t be a secret…engage people…ask them what they do first and then let people know what you do…you never know when the next great opportunity may be the person you almost never met.

Have an awesome day!

Joseph Rosales
Your Sales and Service Coach

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