A Customer Service Super Star…

Every year for the past several years my family and I vacation in Cancun, Mexico. We always stay at the Westin Laguna Mar.

This post is about the Markeing and Conseirge Manager…her name is in Sarah and she sets a standard for guest hospitality and genuine caring.  

I met Sarah as she addressed an issue that had occurred while we were at the airport terminal and before we even checked in at the hotel.  I will not describe the nature of the incident, but suffice to say it had nothing to do with the Westin. 

However, that is not how Sarah Swan of perceived it.  She could tell how upset we where and immediately offered to help us.  And just as she said she would…she corrected the problem for us and made a friend for life.

Customer service, guest hospitality, client comfort…it doesn’t matter what you call it…is taking care of your customer.  You may call them clients, customers, guest, patients, patrons, or friends…it means the same thing…the person you are providing a product or service to makes it possible for your business, or industry exist…because they buy what you offer.  It’s that simple.

As beautiful as the hotel property is and as well appointed as the rooms are…they are only part of what is offered at a fine hotel with a great staff.  Not just a few service stars, but a full complement of highly competent, caring and motivated staff who truly desire to serve their guests with excellence.

Sarah sets a very high standard for anyone in a business that serves a customer.  I hope you have an opportunity to meet her and her staff sometime.  She is worth much more to a service driven organization than anyone can pay her.

If you ever have the opportunity to vacation in Cancun, you owe it to yourself to arrange a stay at the Westin, Laguna Mar.  You will be glad you did.   

Joseph Rosales

The Sales and Service Coach

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