Improvment is a process, not an event…

Many people attend seminars, read books and even purchase DVD’s on various aspects of business and personal improvement.  However, regardless of how dynamic the speaker is, or how enlightening the information is…improvement does not occur without the application of action and time. 

Improvement starts with a vision for how something could be better and is fueled by a sincere desire for improvement, however; actual improvement only begins to occur when a commitment is made to a process and that process is applied over a period of time.  

Take for example; an exercise program. Even if one does the exercises perfectly (proper technique) and does the workout three to five times per week (consistency), it still can take weeks and months to see measurable results.  Only the consistent application of the exercises done properly over time will yield increased strength and a more toned physique.  Wishing and desiring the results accomplishes absolutely nothing without action and it takes time for results.  And the time it takes to achieve measurable results is largely determined by the proper and consistent application of the process.  Consistency is another key to all improvement.

So…if you are looking to improve any aspect of your business, or life; have a vision, develop a plan, implement the plan and stay on the plan long enough to see results. 

Certainly any improvement plan will need personalization and adjustment, but sticking to the plan long enough to gain the results will make every moment well worth the time and resources you have invested.

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  1. Kristofer says:

    Saved, I enjoy your blog! :)

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