You don’t know what you don’t know…

Two main challenges that stands in the way of any improvement, are first; recognizing there is room for improvement and secondly; admitting that you may not know how to make the improvement happen.  Many people sense that some aspect of their business could be better…but they really don’t know how to go about achieving the improvements. 

 It is not a matter of intelligence – If someone asked you to split an atom, would you even know where to begin? Even simple things like tying an Albright fishing knot are beyond most people’s ability to “just figure out” without some help.  However; with some basic knowledge and the right tools, most of us are capable of much more than our current capabilities.  The same goes for improving many aspects of a business.  Just because we may not know how to acheive an improvement, does not mean it can’t be acheived. 

 Just try harder – without knowing how to do something, or without some simple instructions…just trying harder is more likely to lead to frustration than it is to improvement.  Many business owners are often state: “I’ve been doing this for 20 years…what can someone else possibly tell me that I don’t already know, or haven’t already tried?”   They proceed doing only what they already know how to do and learn to accept the less than hoped for results and chalk it up to “it’s just how it is”.  The problem is; this perspective of “I already know everything I need to know about my business” robs people of the opportunity to improve. 

Synergy - There are infinite resources available to help you improve your business, or any aspect of your life. Combining your knowledge and thoughts with the thoughts, experience and resources of someone who is skilled at helping other’s to think through situations is very powerful and productive.  Often the process yields ideas that neither would have come up with independently is called synergy and is one of the most powerful, but underutilized resources of most businesses.

So…if you have a feeling your business, your employees, (or some aspect of your life for that matter)could be better, or improved…you are most likely right.  It may just take some help to get you there.

 Joseph Rosales
The Sales and Service Coach
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