About The Coach

Joseph Rosales is The Sales and Service Coach and has been consulting and coaching sales and service professionals for over 20 years throughout the US and Latin America.

Joseph began his career in retail business operations in the men’s clothing industry and eventually evolved to spend a number of years managing, consulting and coaching in retail environments including fine jewelry, restaurants, banks, hotels, fitness and professional services like insurance sales and real estate. This unique range of industries has allowed Joseph to develop a very retail oriented approach to business training and performance coaching.

For the past 15 years, Joseph has focused on working  with automotive dealerships and aftermarket providers to recruit outstanding sales and service professionals, train them to optimize sales and service performance and fully develop their business skills so they keep growing their personal business volume.

Joseph has written a number of published books and literally hundreds of articles that have appeared in national magazines and industry newsletters. His best selling book titled Customer Service is a Contact Sport has positively impacted thousands of retail businesses and his fourth and soon to be released book titled, Customer Service is a Two-Way Street promises to change the way customers and businesses interact with each other.

Joseph states: “My mission is to train and develop exceptional sales and service professionals who are customer focused, engage their clients with excellence and grow their personal business beyond industry standards.  Improving Performance is a core element of everything I do.  Knowing what to do is not enough…one has to execute with excellence if they are to obtain the results they are seeking.”

Joseph is available for in-dealer consulting and performance coaching as well as various workshops and seminars.  See our  Services Page for more detail.

Please contact us for schedule availability and fees.

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