Equipping your Sales staff to excel…

Today’s consumers have many options and are typically more informed than ever before and prepared to negotiate the lowest price before they walk in the front door of your dealership. Add the fact that dealership operating costs are up, margins are thinner and competition for a customer’s business is constantly being raised to a higher level.

More than ever your sales staff needs to be sharp, well equipped and capable of effectively engaging customers and creating an exceptional buying experience while managing strong gross profits and developing long term Client relationships.

“No one can sell to an empty chair.”  While exceptional sales and presentation skills are highly important to the sales process, your sales staff must also be capable of connecting to their business network and prepared to create new business opportunities. Spending more on advertising is not the long term answer to your generating more sales opportunities for your sales team.

At the Sales and Service Group, we specialize in developing world class sales teams that will create more effective Client experiences, attract more customers to your dealership, close more profitable deals, generate more referrals and turn more customers into long term Clients.

Want to know more…reach out to us.

Joseph Rosales – President
The Sales and Service Group
Cell: 609-760-9066
Email: jrosales@thesalesandservicegroup.com

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